Hendri Slabbert is a qualified Poliquin Bio Signature Practitioner based in South Africa. It is his passion to help his clients achieve their physical goals, whether it’s fat loss or muscle building. The most important part for him is not only seeing his clients succeed, but helping them achieve a healthy body, mind and soul, by becoming the best version of themselves in every possible way.

Hendri is based in Parys, just an hour outside of Johannesburg. His Bio Signature premises is next door to the Dome Fitness Centre, which Hendri also owns and operates as a fitness instructor. Being a lifestyle motivator and motivational speaker, Hendri is available to assist with any group motivational sessions.


Poliquin Bio Signature Modulation is a cutting-edge, non-invasive fat loss method, based on the correlation between the 12- site body fat storage and possible hormonal imbalances. Practitioners can recommend individualised programs of nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications based on your results and that are unique to each person.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals at DFC

Dome Fitness Centre is a family friendly gym located in the warmhearted town of Parys. We strive to help our clients undergo a full transformation in body, soul and mind. It is the passion of our friendly staff to see and help our clients live a happy and healthy life by giving friendly service, whether it’s in a fun, group training set-up or professional one-on-one help. You can be sure that we will always strive to give you the latest in health and fitness, with qualified staff in a clean sanitary environment. Join DFC and get a tailored fitness programme to suit all levels of training, to help achieve your goals.




We are selling our Krag Apie range of clothing from the Dome Fitness Centre (DFC), along with our DFC branded clothes. This fitness gear is available for both men and woman. Please enquire at the DFC for further info on availability, variety and sizes.


Are you ready to make a life change? Get in touch and let Hendri Slabbert help you along your path to a motivated, fit and healthy life.